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Food manager certification is recommended for anyone who supervises staff that handles food in any capacity. To become a certified food manager, you must pass a food manager certification exam. This exam is the best option for experienced food industry workers who have already completed food manager training or have on-the-job experience managing food employees.

You can complete your exam online or schedule an in-person session at a testing center near you. Food manager training, which may be required in some locations, is not included. Check with your local health department for more information on certification requirements.

Exam Proctor Options

Important: All food manager exams must be monitored by a StateFoodSafety-approved proctor. help

Taking the Exam in a Testing Center

With this proctoring option, you will take the exam at a PSI testing center. Before you continue, please read the terms below.

  • Check Location: We recommend that you check if there's a testing center near you by entering your zip code and clicking Check Location below.
  • Schedule the Exam: After you purchase, you can schedule* your exam in your StateFoodSafety account.
  • Arrive 15 Minutes Early: On the day of your exam, go to the testing center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Bring Photo ID: Bring a government-issued photo ID with you to the testing center.

*Please be aware that you may be charged fees for rescheduling or cancelling a session. For more details, see PSI's FAQ

*Locations may be checked in the dashboard and if no location is available in your area, you may reach out for a full refund within 30 days.

Optional: Check for a Testing Center Near you

We recommend that you check for your nearest testing center before selecting this proctoring option.

Please enter a valid zip code

No locations found

Taking the Exam Online with a Remote Proctor

Online proctoring is a great option to take your Food Protection Manager Certification Exam from the comfort of your own home or office.

To participate in online proctoring, you must:

  • Have a webcam and microphone attached to your computer
  • Have a private room to take the exam in
  • Have a current, government-issued ID

For more information, watch our online proctoring requirements video or download our Exam Procedures PDF.

System Requirements:

  • For PC Users: Windows 10 (64-bit only) or Windows 11 (64-bit only). Not supported: Windows in S-mode or Windows Enterprise.
  • For Mac Users: MacOS Ventura (13.x), Monterey (12.x), or Big Sur (11.x)
  • Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 or 22.04
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 or higher
  • Bandwidth: 750kbps or higher (download and upload speed)
  • Chromebooks, phones, virtual machines and tablets are currently not compatible with online proctoring

Phones and tablets are currently not compatible with online proctoring.

Use this System Test to see if all requirements are met.

Note: You'll be able to schedule the exam after purchase. If you miss your scheduled appointment time, you will be asked to pay the proctor fee again in order to reschedule. If you have any issues with your exam, please call PSI support at 1-855-340-0086 within 30 minutes of your scheduled appointment time to avoid a rescheduling fee.

Online Proctoring

For more detailed information about online proctoring, download our Exam Procedures Document.

Exam Procedures Document

Employer or Health Department Proctored Exam

How It Works

You have selected Employer or Health Department Proctored as your proctoring option. This means your exam will need to be monitored either by your employer or by your local health department.

Please be aware that StateFoodSafety cannot guarantee that your employer has an in-house proctoring service or that your local health department provides proctors. To find out if your employer or health department offers this service, talk to your supervisor or contact your local health department before completing your purchase.

Note that some proctors charge an additional fee.

How to Schedule an Employer or Health Department Proctored Exam

If you are using your employer's in-house proctoring service, talk to your supervisor to schedule your exam.

If you are using a health department service, you will register for your exam in your StateFoodSafety account. After completing your purchase, log into your account and go to the My Courses tab. Click the Start button next to the exam to schedule it.

Food Manager Exam

Health Department Fee
Your Total

What's Included in Exam

The best option if you don't need to brush up on your food manager training and only need the certification exam.

Certification Exam

ANAB Accredited (Nationally Approved)

75 Questions (2-Hour Time Limit)

750/1000 Points to Pass


Food Protection Manager Certification Exam
The Food Safety Manager Certification credential communicates to the food service and retail industry that you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace. This credential is received by passing the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

Exam Content DescriptionPercent of Exam
Preventing Food Contamination35%
Food Worker Health and Hygiene23%
Equipment and Utensils15%
Managerial Responsibilities12%
Regulatory Compliance and Records8%
Facility Design7%

How To Get Certified

  1. Select a course that includes the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.
  2. Select an exam session with a proctor. You can do this during the registration process or any time after.
  3. Purchase course and finish registration process.
  4. Prepare for the exam with the StateFoodSafety Food Safety Manager Training and Course Assessment.
  5. Take the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam at your scheduled proctored session. Don't forget your photo ID! *
  6. Print your Food Safety Manager Certificate from your account at statefoodsafety.com ** This certificate is good for 5 year(s).

The exam is closed book. You will be responsible for adhering to the Examinee Code of Ethics and all rules explained by the proctor.

*Must be a valid government-issued photo ID.

**Must pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam to receive a certificate.

Training Demo

Course Demo
Sharpen your managerial skills and arm yourself with essential food safety know-how! Learn everything from how to prevent food hazards to how to create employee training programs. This course prepares you to take the StateFoodSafety.com Certified Food Protection Manager Exam.

Get a feel for what the exam will be like with this exam-taking tutorial.

What Food Managers Are Saying

“...I can definitely say this course was much more enjoyable and effective than the other course I took several years ago.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and ease of the online course.”

“I would definitely recommend my family and friends to take [this] online course!”

Hampton & Peninsula Health Districts, VA Food Protection Manager Certification Exam FAQs

Do I need this Food Protection Manager Certification exam?

The StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is designed to assess the knowledge of food managers and is required for those who wish to receive their Food Safety Manager Certification.

Is StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam equivalent to other Food Safety Manager Exams?

Yes, this exam is equivalent to the food protection manager certification programs from ServSafe (National Restaurant Association), the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals (NRFSP), Learn2Serve (360training.com), and Prometric. This exam meets the national standards for Food Safety Manager Certification Programs.

Are different StateFoodSafety certification exam forms equivalent to each other?

Yes, all forms are equivalent. Each form of the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is equivalent in difficulty and content to other exam forms. The forms were constructed by our psychometricians with PhDs in education, testing, and other measurement-related fields, using a synthesis of Rasch item response theory (IRT) and classical test theory.

To request more information about exam equivalency, contact support@statefoodsafety.com

How do I become a Certified Food Protection Manager?

For a full explanation of this process, view How to Get Certified.

How long will it take to get certified?

Training and course assessment: 8 hours (optional; see Food Manager Package)
Exam: 2-hour time limit*
*Many examinees complete the exam in 60 minutes or less.

What is a passing score for the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam?

The passing score for the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is 750 points. You will receive an unofficial score immediately after you finish the exam. To access your official score, visit your statefoodsafety.com dashboard and click on the exam transcript.

What is Scaled Scoring?

The StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam uses a scaled passing score of 750 or higher. Scaled scoring provides comparable scores between examinees who may have taken different forms of an exam. If one exam form is slightly more difficult than another, its raw passing score—in other words, the number of correct answers required to pass the exam—might be slightly lower. However, the scaled passing score for both exams remains the same, giving the industry a consistent measurement of examinee candidates across all exam forms.

Be aware that this exam is a pass-fail certification exam. If one passing examinee receives a higher exam score than another, it does not necessarily mean that the examinee is a better qualified food safety manager. However, examinees may use the feedback after the exam, which explains how the examinee performed on each exam topic, to direct personal study. Failing examinees are encouraged to use this information to prepare for future exam attempts.

How long is my StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification good for?

The StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification is valid for 5 years.

How long can I access the Exam?

You have one year from the date of purchase to take the exam.

Certificate Reprint

In most areas, you can reprint your required Food Manager Certificate by logging in to your account.

  1. Login.
  2. Find the Certificates window on your dashboard.
  3. Locate the digital version of your certificate and click View Certificate.
  4. Select Print or Email.

Login To Reprint

View Certificate

Note: In some areas, you get your official Food Manager Certificate from the local health department. If you have lost the card you received from your state, county, or local health department, you will need to call that health department to obtain a new card, permit, or certificate.

Example certificate

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