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How to Get Your Western Tidewater District, Virginia Food Handlers Card

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Western Tidewater District, Virginia Food Handlers Card

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Western Tidewater District, Virginia Food Handlers Card


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How to Get Your Western Tidewater District, Virginia Food Handlers Card



  • 100% Online
  • Health District Approved

  • ANAB Accredited



  • 2 Test Attempts
  • 70% to Pass


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  • Valid for 2 Years

  • Training Access for 1 Year

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About Course

Format: Online
Compatible Devices: Computer, tablet, and smartphone (Android, iOS)
Teaching Methods: Interactive activities, audio, video, full-text, etc.
Available Languages: English, Español, 普通话, 한국어, Việt, American Sign Language, Tagalog, Serbo-Croatian
Choose your language after purchase.
Length: 75 Minutes (Start and stop as needed)

To get your card, simply watch the training videos and pass the test. More than 90% of people who take this course pass.

This course holds the ANAB food handler training program accreditation (ASTM e2659) and is approved for use in Western Tidewater District, Virginia (Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, Franklin, and Suffolk), by the Western Tidewater Health District and is valid statewide.

This program’s purpose is to provide food handlers with the information they need to handle food safely. This information may include content specified by state or local regulations.

This program will teach or reiterate responsible food handling principles to the learner.

Learning Objectives (Effective date April 29, 2020)
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Recognize how food can cause illness or allergic reactions.
  • Prevent contamination of food and food-contact surfaces with the hands and body.
  • Identify which symptoms or illnesses must be reported to a manager.
  • Use time and temperature control throughout the flow of food.
  • Maintain a clean environment for food preparation and service.

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Western Tidewater District, Virginia Food Handlers Card FAQs

Do I need a Western Tidewater, Virginia Food Handlers Card?

If you handle, prepare, serve, sell, or give away food for human consumption, even if you bus tables or wash dishes, you are a food worker and need this training.

Is this training approved for my area?

This training is approved for use in Western Tidewater and throughout Virginia.

The Western Tidewater region includes Isle of Wight County, Southampton County, City of Franklin, and City of Suffolk.

What do I get when I finish this course?

Western Tidewater District Food Handlers Certificate of Completion

When do I need to complete my training?

Prior to starting work.

How long is my Western Tidewater Food Handlers Certificate valid for?

This food handlers certificate/card is valid for 2 years.

How do I renew my certificate?

If your training has expired, you will need to purchase and retake the Western Tidewater Virginia Food Handlers Training. If you need to reprint your current certificate, log in and go to the My Certificates section on your Dashboard. From there, you can click View and print your certificate.

How long can I access the course?

When you purchase a StateFoodSafety course, you automatically get one year of unlimited access to the training videos. Take your time through the course or come back after completion to brush up on your food safety knowledge!

What is a food handlers card?

A food handler card is a certificate, card, or permit that shows you have completed a food safety course that is approved by your state and county, and that you understand the basics of food safety.

Certificate Reprint

In most areas, you can reprint your required Food Handler Certificate by logging in to your account.

  1. Login.
  2. Find the Certificates window on your dashboard.
  3. Locate the digital version of your certificate and click View Certificate.
  4. Select Print or Email.

Login To Reprint

View Certificate

Note: In some areas, you get your official Food Handler Certificate from the local health department. If you have lost the card you received from your state, county, or local health department, you will need to call that health department to obtain a new card, permit, or certificate.

StateFoodSafety Example Certificate

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Colleen Theresa

By: Colleen Theresa Booth on Feb 25, 2024

The food safety site is very user friendly and helpful with the pre test quizzes for the food handlers certification course! Thanks for everything now I’m all good to go for work!


By: Jerick on Nov 18, 2022

I've done ServSafe Training before. This however seemed straight to the point and loved the quick interactive pieces. Mandatory before and after quizzes were a nice addition too ensure the information was being retained along the way.


By: Kim on Jul 27, 2018

This is so much more convenient that going to the health dept for the test!

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