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StateFoodSafety is proud to serve environmental health agencies, other regulatory bodies, and their communities by delivering innovative and instructionally sound online learning solutions specifically designed for them. Our goal is to provide individuals and organizations with "A Better Learning Experience," which means delivering the best courses, the best technology, and the best service.

This portion of our website provides free supplemental food safety training materials, training tips, and food safety news updates. Browse through our articles and content to learn more about food safety.

Germs have been around since the dawn of time — but only in the past few hundred years has humankind begun to be aware of them. In the 1800s, doctors wouldn’t wash their hands between performing autopsies and life-saving surgeries. They didn’t understand the microscopic world that is invisible to the naked eye. Today, we […]
Tex-Mex food is everywhere — although if you’re like me, you may not recognize it by name. When I was growing up, I simply thought of Tex-Mex as “Americanized” Mexican food. What is “Tex Mex”? The name “Tex Mex,” or Tex-Mex, is a combination of two words: Texan and Mexican. As the name suggests, Tex-Mex […]
Have you ever thought about how many pathogens and germs your jewelry might have? If you were to put your jewelry under a microscope, you’d probably be disgusted to see the number of bacteria and dead skin cells that jewelry can accumulate — especially rings and bracelets. The fact is, everyone carries disease-causing microorganisms on […]
What is HACCP? HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. A HACCP plan is developed by a food establishment manager and implemented by food workers to control for potential hazards in food. By using a HACCP plan, you can help your customers avoid dangerous food hazards and fully enjoy their meals. To learn […]
Each year on average, approximately 3,000 Californians get sick from eating contaminated food. If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know it isn’t a pleasant experience. Many foodborne illnesses cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. The most common illnesses can last between one day and two weeks. Most people recover on their own within a […]
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