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StateFoodSafety provides the following free* resources to support your food safety programs (free shipping included). For printable or shareable posters, training tips, and cartoons, visit our resource gallery:

To request any of the following items, fill out and submit the form below. You can also send the required information in by fax ( 801-226-4315 ) or email ( )




Front: English, Back: Spanish




A. Red Sticker (English) 3" x 4”
B. Red Sticker (Spanish) 3” x 4”
C. Handout Card (Eng./Sp.) 2” X 3 ½”
D. Cartoon Calendar 5 ½” x 8 ½"

*Up to 50 stickers and 15 calendars at no cost. For larger orders call (801) 494-1416.

Flyer. Printable promotional flyer 5 ½” x 8 ½”

App. “Food Safety Toolkit”

Inspector’s app with free printable, shareable posters and videos for on-the-spot training. Visit one of the URLs below for a free download: