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At, we deliver a unique value proposition. Compare what we offer to what other training providers offer. We know you will like what you find.

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High-Quality Courses

Compliance and Regulatory Approvals

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Portal Customization

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High-Quality Coursesthumb_up

Utilize training that effectively teaches food and alcohol safety to all your employees.

StateFoodSafety's in-house development team constructs each course to our high standard of quality. Our courses are customized to meet your needs and packaged with regulatory approvals.

What we offer:

  • Food Handler Training
  • Food Manager Training and Certification Exam
  • Alcohol Server/Seller Certification
  • Food Allergens Training
  • Proctoring Certification
  • Accreditation and Approvals
Five food service workers in a kitchen

Compliance and Regulatory Approvals

Consistently deliver training that meets local regulatory requirements.

All courses comply with regulatory requirements and are up-to-date in each area we sell. We also offer solutions for areas without requirements.

Approved by:

  • ANSI
  • Over 250 regulatory bodies
Food safety manager talking to inspector

Competitive Pricing

Save money by training your employees through

Does your company pay for employee training, or do employees pay for themselves? Either way, we have a billing solution that will work for you.

Pricing options:

  • Employee Pay
    - Discounts Based on Anticipated Volume
  • Company Pay
    - Group Purchase
    - Per User per Month
    - Subscription Model

LMS Integration and Reportingassessment

Simplify the administration, tracking, and reporting of courses.

Our in-house IT team and proprietary online Learning Management System (LMS) are ready to provide for your specific needs. We can integrate our courses into your existing LMS or we can create a custom portal for your company.

Integration and reporting options:

  • LMS
  • LMS Integration
  • Reporting Tools and Data Integration
    - Administrative Accounts
    - Customized Multi-Level Reporting
    - Download and Print Employee Certificates
Food service worker using a computer

Portal Customizationweb

Send your employees to a portal customized for your company. offers several different options for branded portals. If you already have an LMS, we can integrate our courses into your existing system.

Custom portal options:

  • Branded Portal on
  • Private Website Hosted by
Food handler training in a computer

Customer Service

Provide your company with a dedicated account manager.

We take customer service seriously. You will be taken through an onboarding process to make sure we understand your needs before we build your solution. After that, you will receive a dedicated account manager who will learn your company’s language and culture to provide excellent maintenance and quality assurance.

We offer:

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 6 Step Solutions Process
  • 24/7 Bilingual Customer Support
StateFoodSafety Account manager talking to an industry client

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do we partner with SFS to provide our food safety training?
A. You can reach Thomas Larsen, Senior Accounts Representative, at 385-208-4994. You can also email to speak to an account representative.

Q. Can I pick and choose the trainings I need for my company?
A. We create custom training packages based on individual customers’ needs. Are you looking for food handler training, alcohol server training and sexual harassment prevention training? We can set that up for you!

Q. Do you offer other types of training besides food safety training?
A. We offer a variety of courses designed to train employees in a variety of contexts: food safety; food allergens; safe lifting; sexual harassment prevention; slips, trips, and falls; and more.

Q. Who uses your training?
A. We have partnered with over 300 health departments nationwide and provide exclusive custom training solutions for a variety of corporations in the food industry. Our portfolio of clients includes small restaurants and catering companies as well as large food and grocery chains and worldwide staffing companies.

Q. Do you offer reporting?
A. We provide each of our clients with consistent, up-to-date reporting tools that are available to administrators 24/7. Our reporting tools allow you to see accurate course progress and scores for each of your employees. Click here to view a demo of our reporting tools.

Q. How does the billing process work?
A. In most cases, billing operates on a net 30-day payment plan. However, we’re always willing to provide custom solutions that work for you.

Q. What sort of pricing models do you offer?
A. We offer both per-course and subscription-based pricing models. Within the per-course model, we can implement your program so that you pay for your employees’ training or your employee can pay at checkout.

Q. Are there any discounts available?
A. We consistently offer competitively discounted prices for all of our products. Of course, the greater the usage, the greater the discount.

Q. Are you accepted nationwide?
A. Our ANSI-accredited food handler training program is accepted in more areas than any other training provider. Our ANSI-accredited food manager certification program is approved in the vast majority of the nation. Some cities and counties have specific requirements or have partnered with specific training providers, and in some of those areas we are unable to provide training. Contact us for more information.

Q. How much does it cost to become a proctor for SFS?
A. Becoming a proctor is completely free. Click here for more information.