Earn Your Kentucky Food Service Manager Certification Online

Kentucky Food Manager Certification helps promote safety in establishments that handle, prepare or serve unpackaged food.

Our ANAB-accredited certification exam can be completed entirely online, or you can take the exam in-person at a local testing center. Prepare for your exam with the Food Safety Manager Training course, which covers essential topics related to food safety, sanitation, active managerial control, proper food handling practices and more.

Throughout your training, you will learn:

  • Steps of active managerial control
  • The principles and importance of food safety
  • Personal hygiene and proper handwashing techniques
  • Understanding and preventing cross-contamination
  • Time and temperature control
  • Requirements for facilities and equipment
  • Allergen awareness and management
  • And more

Our user-friendly online platform allows you to access the course materials at your convenience, enabling you to learn at your own pace and from anywhere with internet access.

Whether you're a manager or supervisor of food employees, a restaurant owner or an individual seeking to enhance your career in the food service industry, our Kentucky Food Safety Manager Training will prepare you for the ANAB-accredited Food Manager Certification Exam. Earning this certification ensures you meet state requirements for food managers and have the knowledge and skills to maintain high food-safety standards.

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What is Kentucky food manager certification?

Food manager certification describes the process of becoming a Certified Food Protection Manager. In Kentucky, you can earn your certification by passing an ANAB-accredited certification exam or an exam that is part of a local health department class.

Who needs Kentucky food manager certification?

According to Kentucky state food regulations, most food establishments are required to have at least one person in charge (PIC) on staff who is a Certified Food Protection Manager. This applies to food service establishments that employ workers who prepare, handle or serve unpackaged food, such as restaurants, cafeterias, food trucks and other similar establishments.

How long is Kentucky food manager certification valid?

Your Kentucky Food Protection Manager Certification is valid for five years from the issue date. The Food Safety Manager Training certificate is also valid for five years. To renew your certification, you are required to retake and pass the certification exam.

How do I renew my Kentucky food manager certification?

To maintain your food manager certification, you will need to renew it by retaking the exam before your current certification expires. You can prepare for the exam by retaking the Food Safety Manager Training course and studying any topics you would like to revisit.

Is the Kentucky Food Manager Certification transferable to other states?

The Kentucky Food Protection Manager Certification exam is ANAB accredited and accepted nationwide. Other states may accept the certification, but you should check the rules of the state and local health department where you plan to work. This way, you can confirm that your food manager certification will be accepted.

What topics are covered in the Kentucky Food Safety Manager Training course?

The Food Safety Manager Training course is designed to prepare you for the official certification exam.

Our course covers basic food safety, active managerial control, preventing cross-contamination, safe food handling and storage, sanitation, time and temperature control, requirements for facilities and equipment and more.

In addition to in-depth lessons, your training includes a glossary of important terms, an exam study guide and a practice test that you can take to test your knowledge. You can take the practice exam as many times as you like, and you will have full access to course materials for one year.

What do I get when I finish the course?

You’ll receive your Food Safety Manager Training certificate after you complete the course. You can instantly download your certification upon completion. To earn your food manager certification, you must pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.