Become a Certified Food Protection Manager in Colorado

Colorado recognizes the significance of maintaining high standards of food safety. The state requires food service establishments to have at least one Certified Food Protection Manager on staff. StateFoodSafety makes it simple to earn your food manager certification online.

Colorado food manager training prepares you for the ANAB-accredited certification exam. It teaches food service professionals to oversee food operations and maintain safe preparing and serving environments.

Throughout food manager training, you will learn:

  • Food safety regulations
  • Preventing foodborne illness
  • Active managerial control
  • Personal hygiene and sanitation
  • Time and temperature control
  • Requirements for facilities and equipment
  • Responding to food safety emergencies
  • And more

Whether you are a food service manager or supervisor seeking certification, a business owner striving for compliance or a food worker looking to expand your knowledge, our food manager course will serve as a valuable guide while you prepare for your certification exam.

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What is Colorado food manager certification?

Colorado food manager certification can be earned by passing the ANAB-accredited Food Safety Manager Certification exam. Earning your certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to oversee the safe storage, preparation and service of food.

The Food Safety Manager Training course is designed to prepare food managers and supervisors to become Certified Food Protection Managers. It provides in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to ensure food safety, prevent foodborne illnesses and maintain high standards of hygiene in the food industry.

What topics are covered in Colorado food manager training?

Colorado Food Safety Manager Training prepares food service professionals for the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam and helps them understand and implement safe food handling practices.

You’ll learn about foodborne illnesses, proper food storage, active managerial control, temperature control, food worker health and hygiene, sanitation and more. These topics are essential for protecting public health and ensuring customer safety.

Who needs Colorado food safety manager certification?

According to Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations, the state requires most food establishments to have at least one certified food manager with supervisory and management responsibility on staff. The certified food manager is responsible for overseeing food safety practices and ensuring compliance with state regulations.

To serve as food manager at a restaurant, cafeteria, catering operation, food truck or most other food service businesses, you must pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

How do I become a certified food manager in Colorado?

You need to pass the Food Protection Manager Certification exam to become a Certified Food Protection Manager. Our proctored exam is ANAB-accredited and can be completed online or in person.

Food Safety Manager Training is optional in most locations, but it can help prepare you for the certification exam. The course includes a study guide and practice tests, and it covers various topics related to food safety, sanitation and management principles.

Can I work as a food manager in Colorado without food manager certification?

Yes. While not every manager or supervisor at a food establishment needs to be certified, Colorado requires at least one Certified Food Protection Manager to be on staff. Certain establishments that are deemed to pose minimal risk of causing foodborne illness are exempt from this requirement.

If you are the designated Certified Food Protection Manager for your business, you must maintain a valid certification. Businesses that operate without a certified food manager are in non-compliance with state regulations and could receive penalties, fines or even a food license suspension.

How long is the Colorado food manager certification valid?

The Colorado food manager certification is valid for five years. To maintain your certification, you will need to renew it by passing the ANAB-accredited certification exam again.

Will my Colorado Food Protection Manager Certification be recognized in other states?

Our Food Protection Manager Certification Exam is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board and accepted nationwide. However, requirements may vary by state or location. If you plan to work in another state, you should check with the local requirements for food manager certification.