FIA-NY Food Protection Manager Certification Training (2-Year Permit)

Approved by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets in partnership with the Food Industry Alliance of New York.

Approved by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets in partnership with the Food Industry Alliance of New York.

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This Package Includes:

  • FIA-NY Food Protection Manager Training

    • 2 Year Permit

  • ​100% Online

    • Mobile-Friendly
    • 6 Hours (Start and Stop as Needed)

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Special Instructions

Questions related to New York State requirements should be directed to:  
Rachel Weaver, Administrative Specialist, NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets, Division of Food Safety & Inspection, 10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235, (518) 457-1762 l 
Questions related to coupon code and FIA membership should be directed to: 

Laura Mastrianni, Office Manager, Food Industry Alliance of NYS, Inc., 111 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12210, 518-434-1900,

Questions related to logins and passwords, or any other technical issues with the course should be directed to: 
State Food Safety Support Center, 801-494-1416, Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm (MST)
How to Get Certified
Training Demo
Recommended Study
FIA-NY Food Safety Manager Training
This manager-level food safety training course will prepare you to take the nationally approved Food Protection Manager Certification Exam

Available in English and Español. You will have an opportunity to choose your language after purchase.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Be familiar with all types of food hazards
  • Be particularly familiar with the most common, pervasive, and dangerous food hazards
  • Know the different conditions and situations in which hazards enter food
  • Know risk factors that make food service situations more vulnerable to hazards
  • Have necessary resources to identify different foodborne illnesses, their symptoms, and associated foods
  • Understand the fundamental behaviors, techniques, and practices that keep food safe
  • Be prepared to teach and train employees on safe food practices
  • Understand what types of programs and policies will help accomplish food safety goals
  • Be able to follow specific steps to create and implement the most important food safety systems
  • Know how facility design can promote systemic food safety

How to Get Certified
How to Get Certified
  1. Select a course that includes the StateFoodSafety Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. 
  2. Select an exam session with a proctor. You can do this during the registration process or any time after. 
  3. Purchase course and finish the registration process. 
  4. Prepare for the exam with the StateFoodSafety Food Safety Manager Training and Practice Test. 
  5. Take the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam at your scheduled proctored session. Don't forget your photo ID! *
  6. Print your Food Safety Manager Certificate from your account at StateFoodSafety  ** This certificate is good for 5 years. 

The exam is closed book. You will be responsible for adhering to the Examinee Code of Ethics and all rules explained by the proctor. 

*Must be a valid government-issued photo ID.  

**Must pass the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam to receive a certificate.
Training Demo
Training Demo

Sharpen your managerial skills and arm yourself with essential food safety know-how! Learn everything from how to prevent food hazards to how to create employee training programs. This course prepares you to take the Certified Food Protection Manager Exam.

Get a feel for what the exam will be like with this exam-taking tutorial.

What Food Managers Are Saying

“...I can definitely say this course was much more enjoyable and effective than the other course I took several years ago.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and ease of the online course.”

“I would definitely recommend my family and friends to take [this] online course!”

Recommended Study
Do I need this training course?
The training is designed to prepare food managers (persons in charge) to take the nationally approved Food Protection Manager Certification Exam or to fulfill a demonstration of knowledge requirement. Training is optional in most areas; check your local requirements to be sure.
How long is this course?
6 hours
How long is my certificate valid for?
The training certificate is valid for 2 years.
How long can I access the course?
When you purchase a StateFoodSafety course, you automatically get one year of unlimited access to the training videos. Take your time through the course of come back after completion to brush up on your food safety knowledge!
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