New Mexico Food Handler Card Training

This ANSI accredited course is accepted by the New Mexico Environmental Department as fulfilling their food handler training requirement.
Course Details:
Test attempts:  2
Percentage required to pass:  70%
Available Languages:
English Español
ARTICLES is pleased to provide online food handlers card training for the state of New Mexico. This course is ANSI accredited and accepted statewide by the New Mexico Environmental Department as fulfilling their food handler training requirement.


This food handler course has following learning objectives:

- Understand how food can make people sick

- Learn how to keep food safe by:

   - Keeping your hands and body clean

   - Knowing when to stay home sick

   - Keeping food safe by controlling its temperature

   - Keeping your workplace and equipment clean

   - Protecting your workplace from pests


Test questions are equally and randomly pulled from four content pools (food hazards, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing, time and temperature control) to ensure the student is equally assessed on each critical food safety topic.


Do you need this training?
If you handle, prepare, serve, sell, or give away food for human consumption, even if you bus tables or wash dishes, you are a food worker and need this training.
When do you need to complete your training?
Within 30 days of starting work.
How do you complete your training?
By completing the online food handler course and printing your certificate.
What do you get when you finish this course?
New Mexico Food Handler Card. Note: Food handler cards shall be kept by the food employee on his or her person while working at a food establishment; or a copy shall be kept on file by the current employer and be made available for inspection by the regulatory authority.
How long is your certificate good for?
This food handler card is valid for 1 year.
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