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Bartenders mix and serve beverages (often alcoholic) at locations like restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs. They may also be responsible for greeting customers and answering questions, distributing menus, checking customer ID, collecting customer payment, cleaning, and maintaining stock of bar supplies. Bartenders often work late evenings, weekends, and holidays, and about 50% of bartenders work […]
With warm weather comes birds, flowers, and light jackets. But, now is also the time to say hello to the multiplying pests of spring and summer. Are you prepared to keep pests out of your kitchen? Start by keeping your kitchen clean and clutter-free. Organize the shelves and floor of your pantry so that everything is […]
Food Safety Reminder: Potentially hazardous foods, such as hard-boiled eggs, become unsafe when left outside the Temperature Danger Zone (41°–135°) for more than 2 hours. Download image: Jailbird Easter Eggs Cartoon
Keeping drinks full is a simple tip motivator. Customers are very aware that a seemingly endless supply of beverages exists in the kitchen. When their glass goes empty, they’re left to blame the waiter. Often, they reflect that dissatisfaction in their tip. Following are some things you can do to help you get a bigger […]
Food Safety Reminder: Some toxic plants and mushrooms closely resemble edible varieties, but eating them can be dangerous—even lethal. Avoid the risk by only purchasing food from approved suppliers. Download image: Caveman Lab Cartoon