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StateFoodSafety is proud to serve environmental health agencies, other regulatory bodies, and their communities by delivering innovative and instructionally sound online learning solutions specifically designed for them. Our goal is to provide individuals and organizations with "A Better Learning Experience," which means delivering the best courses, the best technology, and the best service.

This portion of our website provides free supplemental food safety training materials, training tips, and food safety news updates. Browse through our articles and content to learn more about food safety.

Anyone who’s been to Utah during the summer knows it can get hot. Temperatures between June and August in the Beehive State have averaged at least 100°F every year since 2015. In 2020, the statewide temperature average for June–August hit a whopping 120°F. That kind of heat can create additional food safety challenges for food […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training When food is reheated, it passes through the temperature danger zone where bacteria multiply fastest. Whenever you reheat food, make sure to use the proper equipment to get it through the danger zone quickly. Learning Objectives You may choose to read these learning objectives with your employees as a […]
Food allergies are extremely common in the United States. In fact, FARE estimates that every three minutes someone is sent to the emergency room due to a food allergy reaction. Some allergic reactions can result in anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening. To prevent a customer at your establishment from having an allergic reaction to their […]
Iced tea, or “ice tea” as it’s pronounced in Texas, is known for its year-round popularity in the Lone Star State. The drink inspires endless debates about the best way to prepare it. Should it be brewed in hot or cold water? Using tea bags or instant tea? Sweetened or unsweetened? Served over crushed or […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Some food may not be served to customers right away. Instead, it’s kept hot or chilled, waiting for a customer to buy it or a food worker to use it. Other times, food may be held for a short time without any temperature control. It’s important to teach employees […]
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