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Find out what sets StateFoodSafety apart from other food safety education companies. These tools are free to our industry and regulatory partners. Learn step by step how to get the most out of your account with StateFoodSafety.

Employee turnover is one of the biggest issues managers face in the food industry today. In 2018, the overall turnover rate in the food industry was 74.9% — nearly twice the overall average rate of 44.3%. For some types of restaurants, turnover rates can be even higher. Turnover can affect compliance Turnover can directly affect […]
Lower costs and increase efficiency by proctoring the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam in house Your proctoring solution Grocery stores, c-stores, and other types of food retailers often face unique challenges when it comes to providing employees with access to a proctored Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Testing centers and health departments can be located […]
As a high-level manager in the foodservice industry, you know there are many food safety training providers who can help you train your employees. With so many options, how do you know which will be the best fit for your business? We’d like to share four reasons why StateFoodSafety is the perfect food safety training […]
In an industry where each location can have different food safety training requirements, it can be a pain to keep track of whether your employee training is compliant or not. When you partner with StateFoodSafety, we’ll keep tabs on regulatory requirements for you! We actively take steps to make sure our training courses are compliant […]
As an administrator at a convenience store chain, you know the logistical nightmare it can be to keep your food managers’ certifications up to date. C-stores experience unique challenges when it comes to food safety training. You likely have many locations, some of which are located far from testing centers, corporate offices, and health departments […]
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