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Find out what sets StateFoodSafety apart from other food safety education companies. These tools are free to our industry and regulatory partners. Learn step by step how to get the most out of your account with StateFoodSafety.

When it comes to finding a food safety training solution, most companies look for an off-the-shelf option. It’s easier, and often cheaper, to buy training courses for your employees than to create your own training program from scratch. Buying training off the shelf also allows you to pick and choose courses that meet the local […]
Here at StateFoodSafety, we’re committed to providing the best food safety resources for all types of food businesses across the country. We understand that different types of establishments need different types of training. That’s why we’ve developed courses specifically for individuals working in grocery, convenience stores, and other retail food stores.  Currently, these courses are […]
If you’ve ever tried to teach something to a group of students, you know it’s not always easy. Different people learn in different ways, and part of the challenge of teaching effectively is coming up with a lesson that appeals to a diverse group of students. Food workers can come from completely different backgrounds and […]
As dining rooms slowly reopen across the United States, we may see some changes in the restaurant industry due to the effects of COVID-19. Some of these changes may include altering your seating area to allow for 6 feet of social distance between guests, asking your employees to wear masks, and doubling down on efforts […]
If you’re a food safety administrator for a regional or nationwide food service organization, you understand the difficulty of maintaining compliance with food safety training regulations at all of your store locations. When you integrate food safety training and exams with your company’s learning management system (LMS), it’s a lot easier for you to administer […]