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            How long can you leave hard boiled eggs out? Easter is around the corner, and with the holiday comes many traditions—particularly including Easter eggs. But before you get crazy dying and hunting for hard-boiled eggs, remember food safety first, and follow these food safety tips from Wash Up. […]
This Food Safety Talkabout episode uses street interviews and humor to teach about a common type of bacteria that cause a foodborne illness—Salmonella. You have probably heard of Salmonella poisoning before—like how it can be found on eggs—but did you know it is found on a lot more foods? Watch this episode to learn where […]
No More Salmonella For years, Denmark averaged 450 confirmed salmonella cases a year in a population of 5 million. Then in 1988, the number of illnesses rose to nearly 3,500 cases. Denmark responded by creating a National Salmonella Control Program that has been shaping their poultry industry ever since. Today, the eggs and chicken produced […]
  Most foods sold in the grocery store are labeled with a “Sell-By” or “Use-By” date. Have you ever wondered what these dates actually tell us? The reality might surprise you. According to the USDA, food dating is more about food quality than food safety. The dating system for food is not government regulated, so […]
Food preparation workers work under the supervision of cooks, chefs, and foodservice managers to complete routine food preparation tasks such as slicing meats and vegetables, brewing beverages like tea and coffee, and preparing cold foods like salads. Food preparation workers are often employed in places like restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and school and hospital cafeterias. […]