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Food safety is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun while making sure food stays safe. Use our food safety cartoons not only to get a good laugh, but also to teach critical food safety principles. Each cartoon touches on a food safety subject that is taught in our food handler, food manager certification, and alcohol server/seller trainings. If you are a manager, supplement quick training meetings with a food safety joke; or if you are a food inspector, correct negative behaviors in a positive, up-beat way.

As kids, many of us became painfully aware of how improperly storing frozen foods, like our favorite popsicles, can cause the frozen delight to become a messy, sticky puddle. Although temperature abuse problems aren’t always as obvious as a puddle of popsicles, correctly receiving a food delivery is one of the most crucial parts of […]
Managing inventory for a food establishment can be a tricky job. On one hand, no business wants to serve customers expired goods that can make them sick. However, food waste can cause stores to lose out on valuable profits. So where is the line? When can you hold on to food, and when should you […]
You may have heard how cross-contamination can happen during food preparation. But did you know that it’s also a danger to food in storage? How cross-contamination works Cross contamination occurs when germs from one food item spread to another food item. This could happen directly, like if a piece of raw meat drips on or […]
If you work in retail food service, you’ve probably seen a customer with an animal at your workplace. Maybe you’ve brought an animal to a restaurant or grocery store yourself. And it’s hard to blame you! People form close bonds with their animals, and who wants to leave a dog behind when his tail starts […]
Pests are sneaky creatures that can wreak havoc in your restaurant, grocery store, or other food facility. They present many different types of hazards and that could be extremely harmful to the customers you serve. Preventing pests from entering your establishment is the best way to avoid a pest infestation. How can you do that? […]
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