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Keeping track of food safety compliance is one of the most difficult tasks in our industry. It can be a constant headache to make sure all of your employees have current food safety training and certification. One of our best headache-saving features that we offer to our clients is the free reporting tool! You can […]
Supplement your food safety training with these resources. Allergens Courses Food Allergens Essentials—$10.00 This course provides instruction on the FDA’s 8 Major Food Allergens, including how to identify them on labels and where they are commonly found. You will also learn how to prevent cross-contact and clearly liaison between allergic customers and kitchen staff or […]
“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well,” wrote Virginia Woolf. Our experiences surrounding food can determine what kind of day we have. For someone with a food allergy, dining out can be an anxiety inducing experience. One wrong move from a server or chef could trigger the body’s […]
If you’d like to serve alcohol at your establishment, look no further than our online Alcohol Server/Seller Training courses to help you serve drinks safely and legally. With animated avatars and role-play activities,’s courses give learners the chance to absorb and apply knowledge in practical settings, and our diverse interactivities help students focus on […]
Are you or your employees looking to become Food Protection Manager certified?’s industry-leading Food Manager Certification Training prepares students to take any of the four nationally accredited Food Protection Manager Certification Exams or to fulfill a demonstration of knowledge requirement. Developed in-house and reviewed by subject matter experts, our ANSI accredited food manager course […]