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Browse this section of our resources to find videos, infographics, promotional materials, and other helpful media from StateFoodSafety. Increase your food safety knowledge, laugh at a funny video, or promote food safety training courses. We want to make sure you have "A Better Learning Experience" and we hope you enjoy your time spent here.

Supplement your food safety training with these resources. Allergens Courses Food Allergens Essentials—$10.00 This course provides instruction on the FDA’s 8 Major Food Allergens, including how to identify them on labels and where they are commonly found. You will also learn how to prevent cross-contact and clearly liaison between allergic customers and kitchen staff or […]
Flyers in the establishment can be a great reminder for employees to get trained, especially if they’re trained on-site. Use our general template below to advertise training in your establishment. We can also personalize the template with logos and custom URLs and customize it to give locations or emphasize certain training benefits. These customized flyers can also be ordered for free. […]
Use our instruction cards and flyers to direct employees to our online food safety training. Finding online training you can trust is difficult, but our instruction cards and flyers direct employees exactly where to go to get trained. If employees train at home, give each of them one of our cards, so they can refer […]