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This section of the website provides forms, documents, and tracking logs that will help track and improve food safety in the workplace. Using tracking logs will help support food worker accountability and allow managers to verify the measuring of time and temperature in a food establishment.

Preparing for a health inspection doesn’t have to be a chore. Here at StateFoodSafety, we want to make your job easier by providing you a checklist of things a health inspector may look for when examining your restaurant. Use this checklist to hold regular self-inspections at your establishment. Doing self-inspections will help your employees understand […]
This handout explains what prerequisite food safety programs (or Standard Operating Procedures) may be necessary to support a HACCP plan. It includes a list of questions managers can ask themselves to make sure they have designed appropriate prerequisite programs for the food preparation procedures they use in their establishments. Download PDF: Common Prerequisite Program
This questionnaire provides a uniform, organized way for managers and employees to record information when an establishment receives an illness complaint from a customer. Discussing this information with customers respectfully and taking detailed notes will protect your establishment’s reputation and assist in outbreak investigations if a health department becomes involved. Download PDF: Foodborne Illness Questionnaire
This policy document explains which symptoms and illnesses employees must report to their managers and what managers must do when they receive such reports. A clear employee health policy is necessary to prevent the spread of foodborne illness. Download PDF: Employee Health Policy Agreement
This chart offers managers and food workers a simple way to monitor and record walk-in cooler temperatures. Maintaining a cooler temperature log supports food worker accountability and allows managers to verify that food is being refrigerated at safe temperatures. Download PDF: Walk-In Cooler Temperature Log Download Word Document: Walk-In Cooler Temperature Log
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