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Occasionally, a customer may request to have their food cooked to a lower temperature than the standards set in the food code. You may comply with these requests; however, you must advise the customer of the increased risk of foodborne illness that comes with eating undercooked foods. Download image: Dino Tattoo Cartoon
This StateFoodSafety video from the Food Safety Talkabout series uses street interviews and humor to teach the correct procedure to cook chicken. Is the color of chicken the correct method for knowing whether the chicken is thoroughly cooked? If you don’t know, watch this episode!
When you work as a server, details matter, and attending to details like the condiments on customer tables is a great way to boost tips. Remember the following pointers when handling condiments: Seat customers at tables with a fresh, full condiment supply. Be sure that condiment containers are free of leaks, drips, or stains. A […]
In this year’s April issue of the Journal of Environmental Health, project coordinators for the California EHS-Network, Brenda Vanschaik Faw and Joyce L. Tuttle, discuss the results of a brief survey conducted in California in the article entitled, “Mobile Food Trucks: California EHS-Net Study on Risk Factors and Inspection Challenges.” The study was developed to […]
Bartenders mix and serve beverages (often alcoholic) at locations like restaurants, hotels, bars, and clubs. They may also be responsible for greeting customers and answering questions, distributing menus, checking customer ID, collecting customer payment, cleaning, and maintaining stock of bar supplies. Bartenders often work late evenings, weekends, and holidays, and about 50% of bartenders work […]