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With the Fourth of July upon us, it’s time once again to light firecrackers, eat hot dogs, and join the long line of family and friends sticking their bare hands into the potato chip bag as they fill their plates with food. Perhaps not everyone is as grossed out at this scene as, say, me, […]
StateFoodSafety took to the streets once again to interview the general public about food safety principles. This time we created a special episode that focuses on Halloween food safety. Should you throw out open candy? How much sugar should children be allowed to consume on Halloween? This video talks about real Halloween food safety concerns […]
Have you ever thought twice before using the air dryer to dry your hands in the restroom? Well according to the article, “There Is Nothing Cut and Dried About Hand Washing in Restrooms,” you aren’t the only one. Apparently, people prefer paper towels to hand dryers by a 4-to-1 margin when drying their hands in […]
Bakers typically work in bakeries, manufacturing facilities, grocery stores, and restaurants making baked goods such as breads and pastries. Many work shifts in the early morning, late evening, and on holidays and weekends. Most bakers learn their skills through long-term on-the-job training, so formal education and previous experience are not required. However, some bakers-in-training may […]
If food rests in the temperature danger for too long, it will need to be discarded. The FDA advises to only leave food out without heating or cooling for 2 hours. Food that is hot held or cold held will need to be thrown out after 4 hours if it ever enters the temperature danger zone. Never […]