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Baristas are beverage experts. From creamy coffee to savory sodas, these foodservice workers know their way around a cup. Typically working in stand-alone coffee shops, baristas can also be found serving delightful non-alcoholic drinks in stores and roadside stands. Oftentimes, shifts start early in the morning so that others can grab a caffeinated beverage on […]
Items or pathogens that can contaminate food are called food hazards. Spend some time reviewing these different types of hazards in order to prevent contamination. Click below to view the entire Food Hazards Chart. Download Image: Food Hazards Chart
I was reading up on toxic foods when I saw them on the list: kidney beans. Toxic kidney beans? That was new information for me, and it didn’t make sense. Just weeks earlier, I’d eaten a tossed salad with cold kidney beans in the mix, and I had noticed no side effects. Could kidney beans […]
The single most important personal hygiene habit is proper hand washing. Enjoy this food safety cartoon as a reminder not to touch the door handle after cleaning your hands. Download Image: Pirate Germs Cartoon
Time and temperature regulation is a very important aspect of food safety. The safety of food often depends on the temperature at which it is stored, cooked, and served, and the amount of time food spends once it leaves the fridge or freezer before it makes it to the customer’s plate. Need a refresher about proper […]