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Time and temperature regulation is a very important aspect of food safety. The safety of food often depends on the temperature at which it is stored, cooked, and served, and the amount of time food spends once it leaves the fridge or freezer before it makes it to the customer’s plate. Need a refresher about proper […]
Working as part of a team is one of the most rewarding and, occasionally, most difficult aspects of working in foodservice. Here are tips for being a strong team player: Come to work on time and be ready to work. Help other team members when they need it. You never know when you yourself may […]
This episode in the Food Safety Talkabout series is dedicated to Norovirus—the most common cause of foodborne illness in the United States. In this video, we ask people what they know about this common foodborne illness, which is often referred to as the stomach flu. Be sure to like and share the video below on social […]
With the Fourth of July upon us, it’s time once again to light firecrackers, eat hot dogs, and join the long line of family and friends sticking their bare hands into the potato chip bag as they fill their plates with food. Perhaps not everyone is as grossed out at this scene as, say, me, […]
StateFoodSafety took to the streets once again to interview the general public about food safety principles. This time we created a special episode that focuses on Halloween food safety. Should you throw out open candy? How much sugar should children be allowed to consume on Halloween? This video talks about real Halloween food safety concerns […]