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At room temperature, bacteria that cause foodborne illness tend to thrive. There is a specific temperature range that we call the temperature danger zone. That range is between 41 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit.[…]
As an alcohol server, you are responsible for not only providing excellent customer service, but also for recognizing when alcohol service needs to slow down or stop.[…]
What’s the best way to tell if your meat is done? Using a thermometer! Knowing how and when to use a thermometer can help keep you and your loved ones from becoming sick.[…]
When you are feeling ill, there are certain symptoms and illnesses that you need to report to your manager. These symptoms are often associated with common foodborne illnesses and can quickly spread to your customers if you are not careful. To prevent a foodborne illness outbreak, you may need to stay home or perform non-food-related tasks. Your manager will let you know what to do depending on your symptoms and whom you serve.[…]
Because meat is considered a time/temperature control for safety (TCS) food, bacteria can thrive on it if it is not handled properly. There are certain aspects of meat that you can look for when you receive it to make sure it is fresh and ready to use! […]
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