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Have you ever examined a container of leftover food wondering if it’s safe to eat? In general, it’s a good idea to […]
Hair can be both physical and biological hazards in the food service industry. How can it be both?
The food regulation term “ANSI accredited” is being replaced with “ANAB accredited.” Learn more about the change and when to expect it.
A physical hazard is anything that ends up in food that might be dangerous for the customer. Some hazards are accidental like metal screws, glass, nail polish, pieces of jewelry, metal fragments, and so on. Others are a natural part of food, like bones or pits.
When it comes to food safety, you might think that the more washing, the better. Unfortunately, this misconception can mislead both food workers and everyday home cooks alike. It’s true that washing fruits and vegetables is important for removing hazards. However, washing raw meat actually spreads pathogens around your sink and kitchen.
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