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Cleaning and sanitizing are necessary steps in ensuring food is safe for consumers. If equipment, utensils, and dishes aren’t cleaned or sanitized correctly, pathogens can spread to everything they touch. Protect both your customers and your job by learning how to properly clean and sanitize. Why clean and sanitize? Pathogens can be found on almost […]
What is Hepatitis A? Hepatitis A is a dangerous foodborne illness. It’s one of six foodborne illnesses managers are required to report to their local regulatory authority because it’s highly contagious. It also has a history of outbreaks in California. One of the worst outbreaks of Hepatitis A in occurred in San Diego. In 2017, […]
The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention investigated nine foodborne illness outbreaks in 2018 that affected residents of California. Eight of the outbreaks were linked to E coli or salmonella bacteria in contaminated food. Of the 224 people in California who got sick due to the bacteria, several had to […]
Recently, our food safety scientists received the following question: What is the best guidance to assess microbial testing on varying food products to ensure food safety and quality? Each year, 600 million people around the world are sickened by contaminated food. To combat foodborne illness, the FDA sets standards for the food supply in the […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Help reinforce good food safety practices in your establishment through stand-up meetings. Use this training outline as a guide for your next meeting. Date marking foods and using the FIFO (First In, First Out) method of food storage help you use food when it’s at its freshest and reduce […]
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