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In an industry where each location can have different food safety training requirements, it can be a pain to keep track of whether your employee training is compliant or not. When you partner with StateFoodSafety, we’ll keep tabs on regulatory requirements for you! We actively take steps to make sure our training courses are compliant […]
Boil water advisories occur more often than you think. A quick Google News search shows more than a dozen locations in the United States that have issued temporary advisories in the past 24 hours. What prompts local legislature to issue such warnings? What do they mean, and how can you ensure you and your family […]
As an administrator at a convenience store chain, you know the logistical nightmare it can be to keep your food managers’ certifications up to date. C-stores experience unique challenges when it comes to food safety training. You likely have many locations, some of which are located far from testing centers, corporate offices, and health departments […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Help reinforce good food safety practices in your establishment through stand-up meetings. The proper disposal of food waste and other garbage will prevent your establishment from becoming a haven for pests. Use this training outline as a guide to teach your employees how to deal with garbage safely and […]
We often see articles online about the best- or highest-rated restaurants in a particular area. Have you ever wondered what type of food safety ratings your favorite restaurant has received? Or, have you weighed the question of whether the highly praised eatery in the city you’re visiting is also safety-conscious? Importance of food safety Food […]
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