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Three Reasons Not to Wash Chicken Before Cooking
When safely cooking food, one area of concern is handling raw meat. Raw meat is one of the biggest culprits of spreading foodborne illness. If not handled correctly, meat can carry a number of foodborne pathogens, such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. These dangerous diseases may cause abdominal pain, chills, fatigue, dizziness, fever, bloating, […]
December Cartoon: Approved Suppliers
  Food may travel a long way before it reaches customers’ plates, and a lot can go wrong during harvest, processing, storage, and delivery. Fish and shellfish can be harvested from contaminated waters, pests can get into food stored on warehouse floors, and without proper refrigeration in delivery trucks, bacteria can thrive in foods like […]
7 Commonly Asked Thanksgiving Food Safety Questions
The memories of Thanksgiving are near and dear to the hearts of many. The smell of the turkey, the taste of pumpkin pie, and the sound of laughter filling every space in the home. Nothing ruins these memories faster than a case of foodborne illness quickly spreading through the family. The problem is, most people […]
Is Fresh Produce Safe to Eat?
Customers want fresh produce now more than ever. Fresh fruits and vegetables taste great and are healthy. Food establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, fast food chains, and others, are stepping up to meet this demand. As the demand for produce goes up, so does the risk of spreading foodborne pathogens. Whether eaten fresh or cooked, […]
August Cartoon: Salad Bar Safety
Self-service areas like salad bars and buffets allow guests to assemble a meal by their tastes and appetite, but they also offer extra opportunities for bacteria and viruses to contaminate food. Prevent cross-contamination in self-service areas with a few special precautions. Supervision Self-service areas should be monitored by a food worker who has been trained […]
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