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When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, some surfaces and equipment or machines may accidentally be missed. Making a list of things to clean as well as how often they should be cleaned can help you ensure your food preparation equipment has been thoroughly cleaned. A few examples of machines that are often overlooked are ice makers, soda dispensers, and ice cream machines.
Having a plan in case of an emergency is crucial in keeping you, your employees, and customers safe. When might you use an emergency plan? On occasion, your establishment might have a flood, fire, or sewage backup.
What is an approved supplier and why is it important to food safety?
Foodborne illness outbreaks can be caused by several factors, such as ill employees or customers contaminating food, leaving hot or cold-held food in the Temperature Danger Zone too long, and failing to […]
Have you ever examined a container of leftover food wondering if it’s safe to eat? In general, it’s a good idea to […]
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