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At its best, bartending is more than just following the instructions in a standard cocktail recipe. A good bartender […]
Avoiding bare-hand contact with food is crucial to food safety! Bare-hand contact with food, especially ready-to-eat foods like […]
Cleaning chemicals are crucial for food safety because of their ability to sanitize. However, they need to be stored properly to prevent any chemical hazards from contaminating food. If stored improperly, chemicals could drip or spray onto the food you prepare and you can injure or sicken your customers. What is the best way to […]
Summertime brings opportunities for sunny porch parties and backyard hangouts. Unfortunately, it also brings opportunities for leaving food out at warm temperatures—temperatures that could end up making that food unsafe to eat.
When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing, some surfaces and equipment or machines may accidentally be missed. Making a list of things to clean as well as how often they should be cleaned can help you ensure your food preparation equipment has been thoroughly cleaned. A few examples of machines that are often overlooked are ice makers, soda dispensers, and ice cream machines.
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