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Lower costs and increase efficiency by proctoring the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam in house Your proctoring solution Grocery stores, c-stores, and other types of food retailers often face unique challenges when it comes to providing employees with access to a proctored Food Protection Manager Certification Exam. Testing centers and health departments can be located […]
As a high-level manager in the foodservice industry, you know there are many food safety training providers who can help you train your employees. With so many options, how do you know which will be the best fit for your business? We’d like to share four reasons why StateFoodSafety is the perfect food safety training […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Help reinforce good food safety practices in your establishment through stand-up meetings. Teaching your employees why they should wear gloves and how to wear them properly will go a long way toward keeping food safe. Learning Objectives You may choose to read these learning objectives with your employees as […]
Why you should practice Active Managerial Control Active managerial control (AMC) is an important principle for all food managers to understand. AMC involves creating and implementing a system of food safety procedures. This ensures that you and your employees can reduce food hazards. It also allows you to build a safe environment for customers, free […]
What causes oceanic pollution? Each year, human activity adds millions of tons of waste to water bodies around the world. Some debris comes from ships and drilling platforms out at sea, but as much as 80% can be attributed to agricultural runoff, industrial waste, sewage, and trash people drop on the ground. This waste is […]
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