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Each year on average, approximately 3,000 Californians get sick from eating contaminated food. If you’ve ever had food poisoning, you know it isn’t a pleasant experience. Many foodborne illnesses cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. The most common illnesses can last between one day and two weeks. Most people recover on their own within a […]
Did you know that hair is a common hazard when it comes to food safety? Customers that find hair in their food are usually disgusted, and are less likely to return to your establishment. It’s also a health code violation if hair restraints are not worn or if improper hair restraints are used. It’s important […]
How should I organize my refrigerator? Whether you’re stocking a restaurant fridge or your refrigerator at home, the organization method can have a big impact on how long your food lasts. In general, you should store foods by cooking temperature. Put foods that require less or no cooking over foods that require more cooking. Organizing […]
Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Customers can become ill when bacteria multiply to dangerous levels in food. Two of the most important causes of bacterial growth are time and temperature. Use this training to teach your employees when and how to take and record the temperatures of food. Learning Objectives You may choose to […]
Every region of the world is known for its specific brand of cuisine or cooking specialty and the United States is no exception, being known for its flavorful barbecue. Within the United States every region has its own distinct brand of barbecue, and nowhere is this more true than in Texas. While many states may […]
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