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Thawing food may seem simple, but if done incorrectly, it can make you just as sick as undercooking food. How is this possible? Let’s start by talking about temperature and bacteria. The temperature danger zone for food Bacteria need certain temperatures to grow. Temperatures below 41°F slow down bacterial growth and keep the bacteria from […]
Managing inventory for a food establishment can be a tricky job. On one hand, no business wants to serve customers expired goods that can make them sick. However, food waste can cause stores to lose out on valuable profits. So where is the line? When can you hold on to food, and when should you […]
In California, fresh produce is a big deal. In fact, approximately 90% of all leafy greens produced in the United States are grown in California and Arizona. But as healthy and tasty as fresh produce is, it can be one of the trickier food items to handle safely. Produce is often eaten raw, which means […]
COVID-19 has required many food establishments to make a variety of changes, with some types of food businesses facing more changes than others. Whether you manage a restaurant franchise or a grocery store chain, you’re probably facing some changes of your own. For instance, chances are you’ve already embraced food delivery, curbside pickup, or online […]
5 Steps to Take When a Food Worker Tests Positive for COVID-19 One of the scariest things about COVID-19 is how quickly and easily it can spread to others. Because it can take 2-14 days for symptoms to emerge, a person could have no idea they have the virus and go about their normal routine […]
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