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Empower Employees Through Food Safety Training Inspecting food that comes into your establishment is crucial to food safety. You don’t want to accept contaminated food. This training will help you and your employees understand how to properly inspect and receive food in your establishment. Learning Objectives You may choose to read these learning objectives with […]
Thermometers are vital tools in food service. You need them to cook, cool, hold, and reheat food safely. A thermometer that is even five degrees off can lead you to sell or serve food that is not safe to eat. But you can only rely on a thermometer if you calibrate it often. Exactly how […]
In the foodservice industry, serving safe food is a vital part of keeping your customers and your health inspectors happy. If a foodborne illness outbreak is traced to your establishment, at best you’ll probably get some bad reviews. At worst, you could get sued. In rare cases, people could die. Set your business up for […]
When you invite people over for a party, you don’t want it spoiled by foodborne illness. Follow these simple food safety rules when cooking to protect your guests from foodborne illness. 1. Wash your hands well and often Washing your hands well and often is the golden rule of food safety. Your hands are full […]
Microwaves are essential to all kitchens, from thawing meat for elegant meal prep to reheating those divine breadsticks you always get to go when leaving Olive Garden. If your family is like mine, when returning home from evening activities, there’s a race from the door to the refrigerator to determine who gets to heat their […]
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