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At StateFoodSafety, we design our online training courses to change the way your employees think and act toward food safety. Our goal is the same as yours—to help your employees consistently prepare safe food, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure your establishment’s success. What are Learning Extras? Learning Extras are optional learning resources found throughout StateFoodSafety […]
Food safety laws are constantly evolving, and it can be a challenge to ensure that your employees have the required food safety training. At StateFoodSafety, we make training easy by custom building each course to meet your local requirements. When you purchase training vouchers for your employees, you can personally ensure each of your employees […]
Cell phones are everywhere. We take our cell phones many places—school, work, and sometimes even the bathroom. They are great tools for many things, but since we use them so much, they also get dirty. In a food setting, phones are common carriers of pathogens and germs that can make people sick. Cell phones are […]
Recently, our food safety scientists received a question about what types of food need to be kept cold. You may already know that it’s important to refrigerate certain foods to help prevent pathogen growth. But how do you know what does and doesn’t need to go in the fridge? Here are a few guidelines that […]
By definition, stand-up trainings are short—typically between five and ten minutes. Keep employees engaged through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussions. Training Tips and Guides We provide numerous free training resources on our website to help make ongoing employee training easy for food managers. Check out the Training Tips section of our blog to see articles […]
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