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If you’re a food handler, you know cleaning out the popcorn machine or the deep fryer can be a pain. But do you understand how those tasks protect your customers from getting sick? Dirty kitchen equipment attracts all sorts of unwanted visitors, whether they’re pests like rodents and cockroaches or biological hazards like bacteria and […]
Sour milk, rotten fruits and veggies, freezer burn, spoiled packaging, moldy bread. These words conjure unpleasant images and feelings. It’s difficult not to cringe imagining or experiencing food that has gone bad. And no one likes to throw food out and feel like they’re wasting money. It’s impossible to be perfect in buying the right […]
Managing a restaurant kitchen is so much more than overseeing the staff and placing food orders. All of the equipment, systems, and services in a commercial kitchen require routine maintenance. Not only does this include daily cleaning your cooking appliances and work surfaces, it may also mean scheduling a professional deep clean of ventilation hoods […]
Germs have been around since the dawn of time — but only in the past few hundred years has humankind begun to be aware of them. In the 1800s, doctors wouldn’t wash their hands between performing autopsies and life-saving surgeries. They didn’t understand the microscopic world that is invisible to the naked eye. Today, we […]
Tex-Mex food is everywhere — although if you’re like me, you may not recognize it by name. When I was growing up, I simply thought of Tex-Mex as “Americanized” Mexican food. What is “Tex Mex”? The name “Tex Mex,” or Tex-Mex, is a combination of two words: Texan and Mexican. As the name suggests, Tex-Mex […]
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