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There’s almost nothing more frustrating for a customer than a waiter who knows little to nothing about the food they’re selling or the menu they’re representing. So before you step onto the floor as a waiter or server, get to know the menu in-depth and impress your customers with your menu knowledge. You can do […]
When you work as a server, details matter, and attending to details like the condiments on customer tables is a great way to boost tips. Remember the following pointers when handling condiments: Seat customers at tables with a fresh, full condiment supply. Be sure that condiment containers are free of leaks, drips, or stains. A […]
Reading a table is one of the most important skills a server can learn. Some call it “having eyes” for a table, “feeling,” or “reading” a table, but it all boils down to knowing what type of service each group needs. Before you approach a table, take in the body language and situational cues of […]
When you think of important traits for servers, what comes to mind? A personable attitude? A good memory? A talent for balancing dishes? But, what about personal hygiene? Well if that’s a priority for you, then you’re not alone—customers and industry professionals agree that a clean, well-kept server is essential to great foodservice. Here are […]
When it comes to food safety, there are so many rules you have to learn to keep customers safe. But while most food safety practices take place back in the kitchen, there is one rule that takes place right in front of the guests: no bare hand contact. This rule, for the most part, is […]
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