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Server Tip: Condiment Presentation

Olive oil and vinegar bottles on wooden table

When you work as a server, details matter, and attending to details like the condiments on customer tables is a great way to boost tips. Remember the following pointers when handling condiments:

  • Seat customers at tables with a fresh, full condiment supply. Be sure that condiment containers are free of leaks, drips, or stains. A ketchup bottle smeared in its own contents impresses no one.
  • Avoid the temptation to grab condiments from another table without giving them a quick cleaning, at minimum, and a refill, if necessary.
  • If you notice that a shortage of condiment containers is making it difficult to rotate and clean them properly, let your manager know.
  • It is a manager’s responsibility to ensure that an establishment has everything it needs to run smoothly, and they can help to address your concerns.

You should keep condiments clean and well-stocked. Paying attention to the little things, like condiment presentation, will set you apart as a server, and your tips will reflect the benefits of your excellent service.

Katie Heil

Spencer, Tricia. (2001). Tips: The server’s guide to bringing home the bacon (pp. 187-188). Riverside, CA: Lilac Bloom Press.

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