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Proper preparation for a health inspection is the difference between a good rating and a bad one. But knowing what to expect and what action to take is often extremely difficult for restaurant owners and managers, especially those who are just starting out. This article Restaurant Health Inspections: How to Make the Grade, written by […]
Millions of microscopic bacteria and viruses live on us—on our skin, under our fingernails, and in our hair. Bacteria are invisible to the naked eye, but if they glowed when clustered together, they might look something like the above picture. Imagine how much more careful we would be about germs if we could actually see […]
Mobile compatibility has become a necessary part of business. In a recent study, Cisco reports that internet traffic from mobile devices will make up more than half of internet traffic by 2018. To match this trend, companies will need to continue improving mobile compatibility in all aspects of business in the coming years. While there […]
One of the most important things a food handler can learn during training is that food hazards and foodborne illness are a real threat to people’s health. The CDC estimates that one in every six Americans contracts a foodborne illness each year, and worse still, that about 3,000 of these 48,000,000 victims die of foodborne […]
A commonly forgotten segment of the grocery industry is food handling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 300,000 grocery store workers can be classified as food handlers. With regulatory guidelines constantly changing, the amount of grocery store workers seeking a food handler card is ever increasing. Areas such as Orange County, California require […]
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