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A commonly forgotten segment of the grocery industry is food handling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 300,000 grocery store workers can be classified as food handlers. With regulatory guidelines constantly changing, the amount of grocery store workers seeking a food handler card is ever increasing. Areas such as Orange County, California require […]
When guests walk into a restaurant, their server is one of the first things they see. Server appearance contributes significantly to a guest’s impression of a restaurant, and that’s why wearing and maintaining appropriate attire is an important part of a server’s job responsibilities. Restaurant server uniforms That said, what constitutes appropriate attire depends on […]
If you haven’t heard yet, I’ll tell you now: money is dirty. As said so well by NPR’s Michaeleen Doucleff, “Your wallet is a portable petri dish.” And it’s true: in 2002, the Southern Medical Journal completed a study testing the filth of money and found that 94% of the bills that were tested harbored […]
It’s a common practice for restaurant managers to conduct pre-shift meetings with their servers from time to time, or for them to hold more formal meetings with the entire restaurant crew. No matter what the method, team meetings are always a good idea, as they help to unify the restaurant employees under a single vision. […]
What side do you serve from? The correct way to serve food is probably unknown to your customers, but vital to you. This technique requires you place the dishes in front of the customers and take them away from the proper side. Doing so will enhance their overall dining experience. Chef Albrich, an Austrian-born fine […]
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