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One of the most important rules in food preparation (other than always washing your hands, of course) is a rule that picky kids all over the world have been telling us for centuries: “Don’t let my food touch!” That’s right, it’s important to keep foods separated during storage and preparation. Separate all food from chemicals, […]
Many restaurants and other food establishments use chemicals frequently, especially for cleaning and sanitizing. However, if chemicals are not used or stored safely, they create chemical hazards that can be dangerous to your customers and employees. Hang this Use Chemicals Safely Poster in your chemical closet and discuss the following 10 points with your employees to […]
Did you know that not all safety experts agree on the best, safest way to lift heavy objects? Lifting technique can make all the difference in an employee’s health and safety. StateFoodSafety has put together resources to help employees lift safer and prevent injury. There are three different types of lifts that help employees with […]
The upcoming weeks and months will be filled with holiday cheer and gatherings with family and friends. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you get food poisoning. That will put a damper on any holiday event. Throughout the entire year there is a risk for foodborne illnesses, however, during the […]
Here at StateFoodSafety we are constantly looking for ways to help improve the safety of your workplace. It’s true that our efforts are usually focused on the safe handling of food in the kitchen, but safety shouldn’t stop just at food. Slips, trips, and falls are a leading cause of injury in the workplace. According […]
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