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Milk curdles and cheese gets moldy, but what about butter? Many people leave a stick of butter on the counter without thinking twice about it. Others religiously keep their butter in the fridge after each use. So who’s right? Does butter go bad if you leave it out? Butter is not a TCS food Dairy […]
On May 31, 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT, over 50 men and women were taken to the hospital due to symptoms of foodborne illness. Each of the cases was linked back to a meal eaten at a local homeless shelter. Fortunately, although symptoms were severe, no case was considered critical. It is essential to […]
There are around 32 million Americans that have some form of a food allergy. Most allergic reactions cause mild discomfort, but in very serious cases food allergies may be life threatening. Refer to the chart below to help you identify allergic reactions in children. Download Identifying Allergic Reactions in Kids poster: 8.5 in x 11 […]
To keep your customers safe, you need to be able to identify the most common food allergens and know where they are found. After studying the chart below, you should be able to name the 8 Major Food Allergens and identify what foods often contain them. Download Image: 8 Major Food Allergens Poster  
If you start typing the word “undercooked” in a Google search, the word “chicken” will appear as a recommended autocomplete. Questions like, “I ate undercooked chicken, am I going to get sick?” pop up on the first page. There are pages and pages full of advice on how you can know your portion of the […]
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