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Tips for Safe Lifting Poster

Tips for safe lifting poster

Did you know that not all safety experts agree on the best, safest way to lift heavy objects? Lifting technique can make all the difference in an employee’s health and safety. StateFoodSafety has put together resources to help employees lift safer and prevent injury. There are three different types of lifts that help employees with different needs to lift safety.

Squat Lift

The first lift is the squat lift, which most employers require their employees to utilize. This lift has been thought to be the safest lift as it uses the large leg muscles rather than the easily injured back muscles.

Stoop Lift

The stoop lift is recommended for those employees who have heart conditions as it puts less strain on the heart. This technique has long been considered one that can more easily injure the spine. However, research has shown that the amount of pressure placed on the discs in the spine is the same during all of these lifts.

Freestyle Lift

The freestyle lift is simply a combination of the two lifts listed above. Employees use both their legs and their back to help lift the object. The load can also be rested on the thighs if needed to regain balance.

Just as important as lifting technique is, is what comes before and during a lift. The Tips for Safe Lifting Poster advises employees to plan their route before lifting, and to tighten core muscles to help with balance, to maintain proper grip, and to avoid twisting all while lifting said object. All of these tips help employees avoid injuries.

StateFoodSafety has also created a short 11-minute course on safe lifting in the work place, which explains these different lifts amongst other helpful tips for employees. Feel free to email to learn how to access this course.

— Rachelle Riffle

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