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StateFoodSafety is proud to serve environmental health agencies, other regulatory bodies, and their communities by delivering innovative and instructionally sound online learning solutions specifically designed for them. Our goal is to provide individuals and organizations with 'A Better Learning Experience,' which means delivering the best courses, the best technology, and the best service.

This portion of our website provides free supplemental food safety training materials, training tips, and food safety news updates. Browse through our articles and content to learn more about food safety.

My favorite meal sat in a clear Tupperware container with a blue lid in the back of the fridge. My mouth salivated as I reached for it, anticipating the creamy lemon pasta. Little did I know, someone else had been eying my lunch. I opened the lid and inside was […]
Many are familiar with eight major food allergens already identified by the FDA: milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and soy. […]
No one likes seeing ants crawling in their kitchen or mice scurrying around their basement. But when pests like these enter your foodservice establishment, the situation isn’t only bothersome. Pests can also be vectors, or carriers, of pathogens to your food and then to your customers.
As a food manager, you juggle competing priorities every day. You work to provide high-quality food and timely service to your customers. You also manage the business demands and employee needs of your establishment.
In the food safety world, perishable foods have a special name: Time/temperature Control for Safety, or TCS, food.
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