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Food Manager Training Recipes for Disaster
Cooking concept. Ingredients and kitchen tools with the old blank recipe book is serious about food safety, but the videos they make to teach about food safety are downright entertaining. “Recipes for Disaster” is a video series that follows Maria as she makes food and commits food safety blunders. These videos address some of the most common food safety problems in the home, like cross contamination […]
Job Profile: Chefs and Head Cooks
mature chef preparing a meal with various vegetables
Chefs and head cooks supervise food preparation, manage kitchen staff, and handle all food-related issues in restaurants and other food establishments. Generally, a chef’s work environment is fast paced and very demanding. They often work full-time and are required to work early mornings, late nights, weekends, and holidays. In order to become a chef or […]
Server Tip: Personal Hygiene
Bath bottles and towels.
When you think of important traits for servers, what comes to mind? A personable attitude? A good memory? A talent for balancing dishes? But, what about personal hygiene? Well if that’s a priority for you, then you’re not alone—customers and industry professionals agree that a clean, well-kept server is essential to great foodservice. Here are […]
All Choked Up Cartoon
All Choked Up Cartoon
Food Safety Reminder: Finding foreign objects in drinks or food can pose serious hazards to your customers. Take care to wash produce properly, remove excess jewelry before your shift, and follow all other safety procedures required by your establishment. Download image: All Choked Up Cartoon
Seven Musts for Managers
Business guy waiting for his order
Restaurant managers have a lot on their plate (hah, pun intended). But to make their ever-demanding job more manageable, restaurant managers can follow these seven tips for success: The customer is always right. This is especially true in the restaurant business where your customer’s preference is everything. Remember: customer service is not a department; it’s a […]