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Food safety is serious business, but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun while making sure food stays safe. Use our food safety cartoons not only to get a good laugh, but also to teach critical food safety principles. Each cartoon touches on a food safety subject that is taught in our food handler, food manager certification, and alcohol server/seller trainings. If you are a manager, supplement quick training meetings with a food safety joke; or if you are a food inspector, correct negative behaviors in a positive, up-beat way.

August Cartoon: Importance of Food Safety
“Don’t go to that restaurant. I got food poisoning a few weeks ago from there.” If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Each year, foodborne illness affects about 48 million Americans. If your establishment is not focused on making food safety a priority, you could potentially have a foodborne illness outbreak, endangering your customers […]
July Cartoon: Sick Employees
  According to recent reports, 51 percent of food handlers have admitted to working while they are sick. No one wants to find out their food has been handled by an ill person. Avoid passing symptoms on to an unsuspecting victim and keep your consumers safe by knowing what symptoms and illnesses are required to […]
June Cartoon: Four Times You Should ALWAYS Change Your Gloves
  Gloves play an essential role in food safety. Used correctly, they can prevent many foodborne illnesses. They prevent bare-hand contact with food by providing a barrier between your hands and the food you prepare. If used incorrectly, they can harbor dangerous pathogens and spread many diseases. Before donning a new pair of single-use disposable […]
5 Ways to Prevent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks
Hades bringing three-headed dog into a diner
According to a report by the CDC, 48 million people in the United States get sick from foodborne illness each year. Many of these cases can be prevented if simple food safety practices are used.   Follow these 5 principles to help prevent foodborne illness:   1. Wash Your Hands     One of the […]
May Cartoon: How to Use a Three-Compartment Sink
Rapunzel drying dishes with her hair instead of air drying.
If you work in food service, you have probably used or have seen a three-compartment sink before. While the steps to properly using three-compartment sinks are fairly simple, small mistakes could cause a food safety violation. Read these five steps as a quick training tip to refresh yourself on how to properly use a three-compartment […]
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