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If you work in retail food service, you’ve probably seen a customer with an animal at your workplace. Maybe you’ve brought an animal to a restaurant or grocery store yourself. And it’s hard to blame you! People form close bonds with their animals, and who wants to leave a dog behind when his tail starts […]
Pests are sneaky creatures that can wreak havoc in your restaurant, grocery store, or other food facility. They present many different types of hazards and that could be extremely harmful to the customers you serve. Preventing pests from entering your establishment is the best way to avoid a pest infestation. How can you do that? […]
In July 2013, Natalie Giorgi headed out for a summer family camping trip. She was allergic to peanuts, and everyone in her family was vigilant in keeping her safe. While at the camp, Natalie bought a Rice Krispie treat from a food stand run by the camp. Within 20 minutes she started vomiting. Her father, […]
If you’re a food handler, you know cleaning out the popcorn machine or the deep fryer can be a pain. But do you understand how those tasks protect your customers from getting sick? Dirty kitchen equipment attracts all sorts of unwanted visitors, whether they’re pests like rodents and cockroaches or biological hazards like bacteria and […]
Have you ever thought about how many pathogens and germs your jewelry might have? If you were to put your jewelry under a microscope, you’d probably be disgusted to see the number of bacteria and dead skin cells that jewelry can accumulate — especially rings and bracelets. The fact is, everyone carries disease-causing microorganisms on […]
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