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Washing your hands regularly can feel like a chore sometimes — but it’s always worth the extra 20 seconds of your time. Handwashing helps keep you and the people around you healthy Handwashing helps keep you healthy by cleaning your hands of germs. Good hand hygiene plays a major part in protecting you from getting […]
Have you ever thought about what happens when cucumbers are turned into pickles? Or what ingredients are added to cured meat to keep them safer for a longer amount of time? Because these kinds of processing techniques need to be done correctly to prevent any foodborne illness, you must create a Hazard Analysis Critical Control […]
As kids, many of us became painfully aware of how improperly storing frozen foods, like our favorite popsicles, can cause the frozen delight to become a messy, sticky puddle. Although temperature abuse problems aren’t always as obvious as a puddle of popsicles, correctly receiving a food delivery is one of the most crucial parts of […]
Managing inventory for a food establishment can be a tricky job. On one hand, no business wants to serve customers expired goods that can make them sick. However, food waste can cause stores to lose out on valuable profits. So where is the line? When can you hold on to food, and when should you […]
You may have heard how cross-contamination can happen during food preparation. But did you know that it’s also a danger to food in storage? How cross-contamination works Cross contamination occurs when germs from one food item spread to another food item. This could happen directly, like if a piece of raw meat drips on or […]
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