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Thawing food may seem simple, but if done incorrectly, it can make you just as sick as undercooking food. How is this possible? Let’s start by talking about temperature and bacteria. The temperature danger zone for food Bacteria need certain temperatures to grow. Temperatures below 41°F slow down bacterial growth and keep the bacteria from […]
One of the most satisfying sounds is the sizzling of fresh top sirloin as it’s laid across the grill. Maybe it’s lathered in butter, or it’s been marinating in a delectable secret sauce for the past couple days. Peppercorn cracks as the smell of heaven wafts through the evening summer breeze.  Steak is amongst the […]
No matter what the occasion is, taco bars are always a crowd pleaser. And let’s face it, they’re usually less expensive and easier to make than a lot of other options. They even contain many healthy ingredients. Whether it’s for a party, for your family dinner, or even just to satisfy a personal craving, you […]
Getting your favorite meal from your local restaurant has never been easier or more convenient. Dining at the restaurant can be an enjoyable way to get out of the house and into the community, but let’s face it, sometimes you just want to be able to stay in. Nothing beats cozying up on the couch […]
In the foodservice industry, having your Food Protection Manager Certification (FPMC) is a big deal. Not only does the FDA Food Code recommend that persons in charge of food establishments have their FPMC, most areas across the United States require at least one manager per establishment to have the certification. Getting your FPMC is also […]
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