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Delivery driving is fast becoming a popular occupation across the country as companies like DoorDash and Uber Eats make their services more affordable and widespread. For college students and others looking for an easy way to make an extra buck, delivery driving is the ideal occupation. It requires relatively little effort to become a driver, […]
In 2011, researchers from two Brazilian universities published a study about the teaching methods used to train food handlers and managers about food safety. They found that hands-on activities and interactive media were the most successful in helping employees understand food safety principles and in changing employees’ attitudes and behavior toward food safety. A separate […]
When I close my eyes, I can perfectly envision the first bite I took of that dripping slab of brisket, the flavors exciting every taste bud on my already-salivating tongue. Even the smoky-sweet aroma comes back to me with vivid force. I can still feel the beads of sweat forming on my skin on that […]
Food safety training requirements vary widely across the United States for both managers and food handlers. In some areas, requirements are regulated by the state. In others, it’s regulated by the county or city. In still other areas, there’s no requirement for training of any kind. When the local regulating body doesn’t require training, does […]
When it comes to finding a food safety training solution, most companies look for an off-the-shelf option. It’s easier, and often cheaper, to buy training courses for your employees than to create your own training program from scratch. Buying training off the shelf also allows you to pick and choose courses that meet the local […]
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