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3 Ways Food Safety Training Will Benefit You

Food safety training requirements vary widely across the United States for both managers and food handlers. In some areas, requirements are regulated by the state. In others, it’s regulated by the county or city. In still other areas, there’s no requirement for training of any kind.

When the local regulating body doesn’t require training, does this mean that training isn’t important in that area? Of course it’s still important! Food safety training is crucial to both customer safety and the reputation of your restaurant.

Reduce incidents of food poisoning

No one likes getting food poisoning. The more your employees know about foodborne illnesses and how to prevent them, the less likely it is that your customers will end up with food poisoning.

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conducted a study observing the impacts of training on actual, practical knowledge of food safety. Not surprisingly, they found a positive correlation between the two. Those who had participated in training were far more likely to have practical knowledge of food safety principles.

The study went on to recommend that proper food handling procedures be taught to every employee by an on-staff certified food protection manager or by a third-party trainer like StateFoodSafety. No matter who provides it, it’s important that your employees receive food safety training and are taught to view food safety as an essential part of their job. 

Increase legal protection for your establishment 

Not only will providing food safety training help your employees handle food more responsibly, it’ll help you stay in compliance with your local health code. There can be significant fines for your restaurant if your local health department finds too many improper food safety practices.

According to another study by the CDC, having a trained certified food protection manager available during the inspection can result in fewer infractions found during an inspection. Fewer infractions mean fewer fees for the establishment and a safer environment for both your patrons and employees. 

Protect your brand

Almost anyone you ask will be aware of the major food safety outbreaks of the last decade, from your favorite national burrito chain to your favorite ice cream brand. These brands suffered great losses and spent a great deal of time, effort, and money to try and correct their brand’s image in the eyes of the world, some to better success than others. The public doesn’t forget things easily, and as a result, it’s far less expensive to train employees and prevent outbreaks from occurring than it is to try and repair your brand once the damage has been done. 

Not only will training help you avoid negative publicity, it will help you gain positive recommendations. When your customers know your employees have been trained to handle food safely, they’ll be more likely to trust you. Your brand can benefit from making the public aware of your training efforts. From posting manager certifications on the walls behind the counter to posting on social media about the food safety training you provide your employees, you’ll gain your customers’ trust as a safe food establishment.

StateFoodSafety provides ANSI-accredited food handler and food manager training programs for both individuals and companies. Help keep your customers and restaurants safe by contacting us about our enterprise solutions today!


— Kellie Busath

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