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Training Tip: 6 Food Safety Myths in Your Restaurant
6 Food Safety Myths in Your Restaurant
There are many myths that end up in foodservice. Set your employees on the right path by going through this list of food safety myths with them. Rinsing my hands briefly before working with food is enough. There is no acceptable substitute for proper handwashing. The proper steps of handwashing are: rinse in warm water, apply […]
How Role-Play Activities Improve Training
Student learning on a computer.
We’ve long known that learning by doing is an effective and interesting way to gain new skills and knowledge. According to the National Training Laboratories, we remember 5% of what we only hear, but a whopping 75% of what we do! This is just as important, or more so, when it comes to training employees. In […]
Training Tip: Boiling Point Calibration
Boiling Point Calibration
Many thermometers, such as bimetallic stem thermometers, tend to lose accuracy over time, especially if they are bumped or dropped. If a thermometer is not functioning properly, there can be dangerous consequences. Employees should continually monitor the temperature of food, specifically for cooking, hot holding, and cold holding Time/ Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) Foods. […]
Oh, Behave: How Behavior Affects Food Safety
Behavior in the kitchen
Good behavior isn’t just something parents try to instill in their children. Behavior is very important to food safety—in fact, it’s the most important responsibility food handlers have. Hygiene, time and temperature processes, and a variety of other practices are tied directly to employee behavior and attitude. Scientific American recently did a study on this […]
Training Tip: Stocking the Fridge
Food in the fridge can become contaminated and dangerous if it isn’t stored correctly. Do your employees know how to stock the fridge to keep food safe? Use these training questions to test their knowledge and help them to stock the fridge like a pro. Where should ready-to-eat foods be stored in the fridge? Always […]
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