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This chart offers managers and food workers a simple way to monitor and record temperatures of food deliveries at their establishment. Maintaining a receiving temperature log supports food worker accountability and allows managers to verify that temperature-abused food has not been accepted into the establishment. Download PDF: Receiving Temperature Log Download Word Document: Receiving Temperature Log
Have you ever gotten food at a buffet and got back to your table only to find it was cold? Your first bite was almost certainly an unpleasant surprise. Not only is cold buffet food unappetizing, it can be dangerous. Anytime the temperature of TCS (Time/temperature Control for Safety) food falls between 41–135°F, the number […]
It’s every manager’s dream to maintain a spotless health department record. Your customers deserve superior food and service and you’ve worked hard to give it to them. You’ve perfected your protocols and established pristine quality in your products. You shouldn’t have to worry about potential food hazards spoiling your reputation. Keeping a cooking temperature log […]
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