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July Cartoon Calendar Activity: Survey Time

Happy Fourth of July!

With the warmer weather remember to take extra care with your food. To prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, throw food out after it has been sitting out longer than two hours. Although the 2017 Food Safety Code recommends to throw food out after four hours of it being in the temperature danger zone (41°F–135°F), it’s important to remember that warmer temperatures can lead to a faster growth in bacteria. So to be safe, if you are eating outdoors this weekend, keep your food out of the temperature danger zone or throw it out after two hours.

Have you seen our 2016 Cartoon Calendar? We would love to hear your feedback about it! What do you like about our calendar? What could be better? Share your thoughts with us in this survey.

Food Safety Reminder
To prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria, keep time and temperature control for safety (TCS) foods out of the temperature danger zone (41°F–135°F).

Cartoon Calendar Downloads
Download Image:  Gastro Intestinal Fireworks Cartoon
Download Full Calendar: Full Cartoon Calendar
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Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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