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February Cartoon Calendar Activity: Safety Clothing

Avoiding direct contact with all food that is prepared in your establishment will help keep your food and customers safe. Hairnets, single-use gloves, aprons, and shoe coverings are designed to provide a needed barrier to help prevent dangerous physical and biological hazards from contaminating food.

Although it is not always required, it is best for food workers to wear gloves and other protective gear whenever they are preparing food. While preparing food for highly susceptible populations, food workers must wear gloves when they are preparing ready-to-eat foods. Single-use gloves should only be used for one task to prevent against cross-contamination and should be switched every four hours. If workers do not wear gloves they must follow the proper handwashing procedures. Employees should wear clean aprons every shift and maintain other hygienic practices to keep customers safe.

Your local regulatory authority can help you identify what equipment is necessary to keep your workplace clean and your customers safe. For more information on when gloves and other equipment should be used in the workplace consult the 2017 FDA Food Code.

If you are looking for further training on proper hand hygiene try out our Food Safety Focus Series that focuses on hand hygiene.

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