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Resource: Instruction Cards and Flyers

Use our instruction cards and flyers to direct employees to our online food safety training. Finding online training you can trust is difficult, but our instruction cards and flyers direct employees exactly where to go to get trained. If employees train at home, give each of them one of our cards, so they can refer to it later. If they train on-site, hang up a flyer near the computer in your facility for accessible instructions.

StateFoodSafety food handler instruction cardInstruction Cards
Instruction cards are a convenient way to direct employees to the correct website to find food safety training on their own. The cards have easy step-by-step instructions in large print and fit easily in a wallet, purse, or pocket. You can order a bundle for free and customize them with your facility logo or even discount coupons.

Flyers in the establishment can be a great reminder for employees to get trained, especially if they’re trained on-site. We use a general template specifically designed to give clear directions at a glance. The template can be personalized with logos and custom URLs and be customized to give locations or emphasize certain training benefits. You can order these customized flyers for free as well.

Online Food Safety Training Poster

Avoid the frustration and stress. Use our instruction cards and flyers to make sure your employees are getting the best online training available. Contact StateFoodSafety by filling out our Resource Request Form to get free cards and flyers for your establishment.

To learn more about food safety, check out our online food handlers card, food manager certification, food allergens, and alcohol server/seller training courses at StateFoodSafety.

Sophie Buckner

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