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Food Safety Training Promotional Flyer
Flyers in the establishment can be a great reminder for employees to get trained, especially if they’re trained on-site. Use our general template below to advertise training in your establishment. We can also personalize the template with logos and custom URLs and customize it to give locations or emphasize certain training benefits. These customized flyers can also be ordered for free. […]
Resource: Instruction Cards and Flyers
Instruction Card
Use our instruction cards and flyers to direct employees to our online food safety training. Finding online training you can trust is difficult, but our instruction cards and flyers direct employees exactly where to go to get trained. If employees train at home, give each of them one of our cards, so they can refer […]
Resource: Handwashing Stickers
handwashing stickers
According to the CDC, almost 48 million people in the US get sick with a foodborne illness every year. That’s about 1 out of every 6 Americans! Did you know that the most effective way to stop the spread of foodborne illness is to simply wash your hands? To help employees remember to wash their […]
Food Safety Talkabout—Episode 01 Handwashing
You wouldn’t want to prepare a meal with bugs crawling on your hands, so why would you skip the soap and water? In the first ever Food Safety Talkabout, took to the streets to ask people questions about the single most important hygiene habit—proper hand washing. There is no more essential habit for you […]
Food Safety Talkabout—Episode 02 The Fecal-Oral Route
Episode 2 of’s Food Safety Talkabout series is a continuation of Episode 1 in which we further explore proper hand hygiene. Watch Episode 2 to learn how to eliminate problems associated with the fecal-oral route. The fecal-oral route most commonly results in Norovirus and is the number one cause of foodborne illnesses. The FDA […]
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