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Managers: Make the Most of Your Meetings

ManagerIt’s a common practice for restaurant managers to conduct pre-shift meetings with their servers from time to time, or for them to hold more formal meetings with the entire restaurant crew. No matter what the method, team meetings are always a good idea, as they help to unify the restaurant employees under a single vision.

David Hayden, a popular restaurant blogger from Kansas City, MO, gives five simple tips for running a smooth and effective meeting.

  • Remember your audience. Talk about information that is relevant strictly to your servers.
  • Keep it positive. You’re setting the tone for the shift, so keep the staff motivated by staying positive.
  • Maintain focus. Don’t let the meeting get sidetracked. It’s your job to stay on point.
  • Convey weekly messages. Follow up on issues that you’re trying to impress week-in and week-out.
  • Take it seriously. If the meeting doesn’t seem important to you, your staff will not see value in it.

As Hayden says, “The value of a good pre-shift meeting cannot be understated…Running positive, informative, and educational pre-shift meetings in one of the most important skills of a manager.”

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Jeremy Howard

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