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Reinforce Food Safety with Stand-Up Trainings

Food safety stand-up trainings

By definition, stand-up trainings are short—typically between five and ten minutes. Keep employees engaged through hands-on activities, demonstrations, and discussions.

Training Tips and Guides

We provide numerous free training resources on our website to help make ongoing employee training easy for food managers. Check out the Training Tips section of our blog to see articles on HACCP plans, double handwashing, recognizing allergic reactions in children, and more.

We also offer stand-up training guides on various topics, including:

Hands-on Activities

Hands-on activities are key to any training. Learners tend to remember only 5% of what they hear, but 75% of what they do. That’s why we designed our food handlers course with role-play activities—and role-plays are effective for stand-ups too!

When you plan interactive trainings, your employees are more likely to remember and follow the principles they learn. Each of our stand-up training guides include a few activity ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Printable Food Safety Posters

There’s a lot to remember about preparing safe food. You can’t be there to remind your employees of them all the time, so do the next best thing and post physical reminders.

We offer a variety of free downloadable posters about cooking temperatures, food storage organization, food allergy symptoms, and more. Hang them around your establishment to help food handlers remember important food safety principles while on the job. You can even make the posters part of your HACCP plan by teaching employees to refer to them daily to prevent food safety incidents.

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StateFoodSafety courses are designed for retention, but some loss of information is inevitable. Hold stand-up trainings with employees regularly to reinforce good habits and support your food safety culture.

— Jessica Pettit

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