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Introducing My Group Purchases

Purchase training vouchers for your foodservice employees at

Food safety laws are constantly evolving, and it can be a challenge to ensure that your employees have the required food safety training. At StateFoodSafety, we make training easy by custom building each course to meet your local requirements.

Your food safety training solution

When you purchase training vouchers for your employees, you can personally ensure each of your employees gets the training they need.

A voucher is a code that gives an employee access to a pre-paid food safety course. Each voucher code is valid for one specific course. Vouchers can be purchased for any StateFoodSafety product, including:

  • Food handlers card training
  • Food safety manager training
  • Food manager certification exam
  • Food allergens awareness training
  • Alcohol server/seller training

You can purchase training vouchers for your employees on our group purchase page. Make your selection and complete the checkout process to receive the voucher codes.

New administrative portal

On April 16, 2019, StateFoodSafety launched a brand-new administrative portal for managers with vouchers. The new portal is based on customer feedback and includes a more user-friendly interface to make it easier for you to manage your vouchers. If you had any unused vouchers on the old system, they were automatically transferred to the new system on April 16.

The new My Group Purchase portal (formerly known as the Voucher Owner System) on your StateFoodSafety account has changed to look like the image below. By default, the portal will display the Purchased Vouchers tab (#1 in the image). You can see how many unused vouchers you have for each product in the Remaining column (#2 in the image). You can email voucher codes directly to your employees by clicking the send icon in the Invite Learner column (#3 in the image).

Tip: If you’re a teacher and need to assign vouchers to dozens of students at a time, you may choose to export a list of your unused voucher codes using the Export button and hand them out during class time.

StateFoodSafety My Group Purchases screenshot 1

Greater reporting capabilities

The new portal includes greater reporting capabilities to help you monitor your employees’ progress toward earning their certificates. You can now see which employees have received a voucher code, send reminder emails, or reassign the code if needed by clicking on the Invited tab (#1 in the image below).

Tracking invited learners

The Invited Name column (#2 in the image) displays the email address or name you put in when you first sent the voucher code to your employee. You can remind the employee to redeem the voucher by clicking the send icon in the Re-Invite Learner column (#3 in the image).

StateFoodSafety My Group Purchases screenshot 2

StateFoodSafety My Group Purchases screenshot 3If necessary, you can reassign the voucher to a different employee by replacing the email address in the popup window. Remember that employees can’t share the same code because each voucher code is only good for one course.

Monitoring employees’ training progress

Track your employees’ progress toward earning their certificates in the Redeemed Vouchers tab (#1 in the image below). In the Student Name column (#2 in the image), see at a glance which employees are currently taking the training. Check their status in the Status column (#3 in the image) to see if their training is “in progress” or “failed”.

StateFoodSafety My Group Purchases screenshot 4

Accessing employee certificates

After your employees pass the training and test, their training certificates will automatically be added both to their accounts and to your administrative portal. You can view and print their certificates from the Certificates tab (#1 in the image below)—no need to wait for your employees to bring you their certificate in person. Sort the list of certificates by expiration date (#2 in the image) to see which employees need to renew their training. Click the magnifying glass (#3 in the image) to see each certificate.

StateFoodSafety My Group Purchases screenshot 5
If you have any questions about group purchases or the new administrative portal, contact us at (801) 494-1416 or

Thank you for choosing StateFoodSafety as your training provider. We look forward to continuing our relationship through My Group Purchases!

— Jessica Pettit

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