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Food handler getting trained online

With health and hygiene at the forefront of everybody’s minds, following good food safety practices has never been more important.

According to a study by the CDC, good food safety behavior correlates with food safety training. That’s a great reason to keep your foodservice staff educated — whether training is required in your area or not.

But how can you make sure your staff stays up-to-date on best practices when COVID-19 restrictions make in-person training and testing nigh impossible?

One way is to move all your training and testing online.

Online food safety training and testing

There are numerous food safety programs available online. StateFoodSafety’s programs are unique for a few reasons:

  • They’re approved in more areas than any other training provider.
  • In addition to being online, our training courses are accessible on any device. This means your employees could get their food handlers card on their smartphone without leaving their home, if necessary.
  • All of our courses are highly reviewed by users, and for good reason — more than 90% of the people who take them pass the final tests and earn their certificates (or certifications).

Whether your employees need a food handlers card, food manager certification, food allergen awareness training, or an alcohol server permit, they can get it on our website, 100% online.

Food managers can even take the Food Protection Manager Certification Exam online through online proctoring. They won’t have to go to a testing center; instead, they’ll be able to take the exam from home.

Additional training courses for food order delivery and hand hygiene

In addition to the programs mentioned above, we have a food order delivery driver course and a free hand hygiene course you can use as supplementary training.

We launched the food order delivery course and started providing the hand hygiene course for free to help meet the needs of restaurants and food retailers during the pandemic. Each course is about 10 minutes long.

For more free training resources, please visit our COVID-19 Resources page.

In this challenging time, it’s important to support social distancing guidelines to help protect your employees from COVID-19. It’s also important to continue to keep your food workers educated. Online training and testing will help you accomplish both.

You can provide online training to your employees today by visiting our Group Purchase page.

Or, if you’re interested in exploring a training partnership with StateFoodSafety, check out our Industry Solutions page.

— Jessica Pettit

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