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20150612_DMH_33_01_animation_still-1024x546At StateFoodSafety, our goal is to offer the best online food handler training that regulatory agencies and corporate companies alike can benefit from. Working with local regulatory agencies, we customize our course to meet local requirements. Developed in-house and reviewed by subject matter experts, our ANSI accredited food handler course is fully audiovisual, animated, and available in eight languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Serbo-Croatian, Tagalog, and American Sign Language). One major benefit to online training is that students can take the course whenever it is convenient and at their own pace. The main focus of this course is not to only prepare students to take a test, but to immerse them in the world of food safety and show them just how important their role is in keeping customers and themselves safe.

Why Food Handlers Need Training

Our course includes on-screen avatars and interactivities—both of which have been proven to not only hold a students’ attention, but to also increase their retention of the information. Karl Kapp, author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction Fieldbook: Ideas into Practice, found that students who had an avatar explain problems they were being tested on had 30% more correct answers than those students who only read text on a screen. Interactivities have been shown to be 17% more effective than both lecture and discussion, which are the main components of classroom training.

Using real world stories, the importance of food safety is emphasized in every slide and empowers students to do their best to prevent foodborne illnesses. Students learn everything from the importance of handwashing, cleaning, and sanitizing, the “Big Five” foodborne illnesses, to identifying when to stay home from work, time and temperature control, hot and cold holding, and cross-contamination. This 60- to 90-minute course, depending on your location, is comprehensive, educational, and, dare I say it, fun.

Don’t believe me? Click here for a demo of our Food Handler Training and see for yourself!

Looking for corporate solutions for your company or wondering how to purchase courses for multiple employees? Contact our accounts team for information about our corporate solutions and group purchases.

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