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StateFoodSafety makes it easy for all restaurants—whether they are corporate or franchise—to get access to the training they need. The best food safety training courses available can be packaged in such a way that corporate food store chains can maintain unity across corporate and franchise lines.

It all starts with custom portals. When companies partner with StateFoodSafety, they are given a specific URL that connects their employees with the training they need. And this can happen regardless of how many locations a company has or if there’s a mix of various franchises involved. Jason’s Deli is a great example of how franchisees can get synced with the corporate offices when it comes to providing training.

For over a year now, Jason’s Deli has provided their employees with food safety training from StateFoodSafety—and it started with a connection made with a local franchise group. When the corporate offices discovered the quality and efficiency of the training this franchise group was using, they wanted to get on board. We gladly welcomed Jason’s Deli to the StateFoodSafety team.

This training has kept each of their corporate locations in regulatory areas compliant with local law. When the Texas statewide law was passed in 2015, several of the Jason’s Deli franchise groups there instantly found themselves in need of a training provider. The corporate offices guided these franchisees back to StateFoodSafety for training.

Get a custom training portal for your food franchise with StateFoodSafety.The custom portal provided for Jason’s Deli franchises looks like the image to the right. Employees will follow the custom URL, select their store, register, and be well on their way to regulatory compliance. It’s training made easy.

Beyond that, helpful reporting tools are made available to managers at various levels. Simply by logging in, these managers can run a report that allows them to view who has taken the training, when they started, when they finished, if they passed, and more.

Everything is branded for client so that there is no confusion for any of the users. Much of the process is customizable to fit the needs of each company.

It’s training made easy for corporate franchises. Learn more today!


— Jeremy Howard, Account Coordinator

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