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Integrating Food Safety Training and Exams with your LMS

If you’re a food safety administrator for a regional or nationwide food service organization, you understand the difficulty of maintaining compliance with food safety training regulations at all of your store locations.

When you integrate food safety training and exams with your company’s learning management system (LMS), it’s a lot easier for you to administer them. You can direct your employees to a system they are already familiar with and track their compliance within your system’s existing reporting structures. No one will need to visit separate websites or create new user accounts.

What is an LMS?

A learning management system is a virtual library of educational content that organizations use to train their employees on topics ranging from company policies, to cleaning procedures, to food safety training.

Some LMS’s that you may have heard of or used include: Cornerstone, Saba, Wisetail, and Litmos. We’ve integrated with well over a dozen LMS’s, including these.

An LMS typically allows administrators to track learner progress in a report. In the case of food safety training, this can help companies ensure that their employees’ food safety training certificates are current.

How integration works with StateFoodSafety

Learning management systems typically use standard protocols like AICC and LTI to allow third party training providers to integrate training. When we integrate with your system, these standards allow your learners to open our content within your LMS. Our systems will securely share with each other a limited amount of information, such as the learner’s name and a passing score (in real time!).

We can deliver all of our products through your LMS, including:

  • Food safety manager training and proctored exams
  • Food handlers training
  • Food allergen training
  • Alcohol seller and server training

What are the advantages of integrating with an LMS?

An LMS helps you support your company’s culture. Allowing food safety training to be part of this culture is an effective way to reinforce its importance to your employees.

Your LMS’s reporting features will also help you make sure that your employees are up to date with whatever food safety training they’re required to have.

How can I learn more?

StateFoodSafety has integrated with over a dozen of the most popular learning management systems. We have yet to find one using AICC or LTI that we are not compatible with. In addition, we are always exploring new integration options for our customers.

If you have questions about integrating our training into your LMS, please contact a member of our accounts team.


— Drew Tadd

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